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2011-10-07 12:02:02 by phones77

Now, for school I made this nonlinear powerpoint about Bleach. I think it's quite good and I wanted to upload it, but what do I see? Only .swf files are allowed. DAMNIT!. I really think NG should accept nonlinear powerpoints.


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2011-10-07 15:42:48

For every 1 good .ppt file submitted, there'd be thousands of utterly terrible stickman noobshits and 10-year-old spam. And we get more than enough of those already, thankyou very much.

Besides, it might be possible to convert .ppt to .swf anyway. Google around; you might find something that can do it for you.

(Updated ) phones77 responds:

Well, I never looked at it from that side of the argument, and I suppose youre right. Thanks for the comment and I'll check the ppt to swf possibillities.