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Entry #4

Double comments

2011-10-21 08:50:44 by phones77

I played this game in march about two stickman fighting and the damage done was random. after 8 tries I was completly pissed off and left a comment saying that it was nearly impossible to win and that it had no storyline. The author responsed the next day with: How come so many people have the medal for winning then retard? It is quite a shame, because you can't report authors comments as inappropriate.

Now today I decided to play the game again to see if any changes were made. Not at all. He just called more people retards and didn't use any of the feedback to make the game better. I wanted to comment on the fact that he hadn't changed anything on the flash although there were heaps of criticism. But, you can't comment a second time on a flash so I couldn't make the statement. I sure understand that if NG would accept more than one comment on a flash per person there would be a lot of spam, but yet it buggs me.


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